Lady Gay Classic Launch

Experience the superior luxury and vintage charm of Lady Gay. Our classic launch is a stunning vessel with great indoor and outdoor spaces for a range of small group events…

Lady Gay is a classic launch, perfect for that special occasion

Lady Gay, built as a gentleman's luxury launch in 1935 and used as coastal patrol vessel during WWII, is one of New Zealand's priceless maritime antiquities.

  • Unique Vessel, this classic launch is a beautiful vessel and unique private charter option perfect for small groups.
  • Central location, for boarding and disembarking
  • Safe & comfortable, this classic beauty has all the comforts of a modern launch with great facilities

Guests can relax and unwind within her fully enclosed cockpit, taking in panoramic views of the magnificent Waitemata Harbour from her comfortable seating.

Enjoy an indulgent cruising experience that only the Lady Gay can offer.