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Camping on Urupukapuka

  • Duration
  • Category
    Island Activity
  • Location
    Otehei Bay
  • Operating Season
    All Year

Camping on Urupukapuka

Camping on Urupukapuka Island

There are three campsites on Urupukapuka Island all managed by the Department of Conservation.

You can find out more and book via the links below:


Important Information for Campers

If you are travelling to the island onboard our Explore Ferries please note the following restrictions:


  • If you are carrying alcohol for your stay on Urupukapuka Island this must be declared prior to departure. This will be stored separately during transit and returned to you on arrival, you may be asked to show your DOC camping permit at this time.
  • If you are only visiting Urupukapuka for the day we do not allow alcoholic beverages to be carried on board.
  • You can also purchase food and alcoholic beverages at our fully licensed café at Otehei Bay to enjoy within our licensed area.

Dangerous Goods

  • All dangerous goods are carried at the discretion of the Skipper
  • All dangerous goods must be declared prior to departure to avoid disappointment
  • If you are carrying gas bottles or fuel (including flammable liquids such as methylated spirits or kerosene) for your stay on Urupukapuka Island these will be stored separately during transit and returned to you on arrival. This includes empty gas and fuel bottles/containers.
  • Please note the quantity of dangerous goods we can carry on each ferry is limited to: 2x  9KG gas bottles or smaller per ferry transit (Gas bottles must be certified), 4x dive bottles per ferry transit, 20 litres of fuel stored in 5 litre approved containers or smaller, 20 litres of diesel stored in 10 litre approved containers or smaller

Please contact us with any further queries regarding ferry transport to the island HERE


Project Island Song

We are proud to support Project Island Song to keep the islands of Ipipiri, including Urupukapuka, pest free. Please help us and Project Island Song by ensuring you are not taking pests, including non native plants or seeds, with you when you visit.

Visit Project Island Song - Keeping it safe to find out what you should check for before departing and what to look out for while on the island.