Pest Free Hauraki Gulf Islands

Pests have been successfully eradicated from many of the Hauraki Gulf islands making them a haven for some of our most endangered animals and plants, including sea birds, tuatara and takahē. Unfortunately, pests can make it back to the islands by stowing away on shoes or in our bags so we all need to play our part to ensure these islands remain pest free.

Help keep our Hauraki Gulf Islands pest free. Check, Clean & Close your gear before leaving the mainland.

  • Check your bags for stowaways, such as mice, rats, Argentine ants and Rainbow/Plague Skinks.

  • Clean your footwear, clothing and bags and ensure they are free of soil and seeds.

  • Close all bags or boxes. No open bags or boxes will be allowed on-board and everything you bring must be sealed or zipped shut.

  • Any food must be packed in a rodent-proof and sealed container such as hard plastic.

  • Please remember to take all your rubbish, including leftover food, off the island with you when you leave. There are no rubbish bins on pest-free islands.